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CXKJR/CCMGC Rallies and Fun Runs

The Jag/MG Club of Vancouver historically organized several events for the rally enthusiast throughout the year covering roads in the Lower Mainland and Washington. These were in two categories:
  1. Championship Rallies counting for J.C.N.A. points, and CXKJR/CCMGC trophies incorporate time-speed-distance (TSD) and Monte-Carlo sections (see elsewhere in the web site for details on these sections), and are usually run over one or two days, over tarmac roads. There are two classes, Expert and Novice. The Expert Class is for drivers and co-drivers who have won previous events, or whose vehicles are fitted with rally computers such as Haldas or Jaguar equipment. The Novice Class allows crews to learn the sport of rallying, while still being eligible for awards. This class also encompasses the basic equipment of a stopwatch and hand-held calculator. Route instructions are provided as tulip diagrams or in descriptive form, and time is a factor. Maps, if necessary, are provided.
  2. Fun Runs are designed for the whole family, or as many as can fit in a 2-seater MG, and although there is a competitive element to determine a winner, speed and timing are not factors. They usually run for about 2 hours, and again are on tarmac roads only. Observation of signs along the road side or similar to answer cryptic clues is usually the organizer’s way of providing fun, as well as incorporating interesting less well traveled routes. The only equipment needed is a pen, a clipboard, and a good pair (or pairs) of eyes. Route instructions are clear and unambiguous using road names, numbers, and land marks as guides.
In addition to the above, our Club usually has representation on the Pat O’Brien Mini Rally (mid March), the Tulip/Daffodil Run (mid April), the Rally in the Valley (early July), the All British Whistler Run (May), and the Ladner-Bellingham Run (early November).

Contact the Club Rally Master, Al Riches, by phone at 604-942-7370, for event details such as, location, start time, and date confirmations.

Here is some additional information and links regarding rallies.

Please click on the JCNA Logo for information on how JCNA Championship Rallies are run & how to participate. Events are NOT limited to Jaguars. Please click on this MGA to get to Peter & Anne Tibury's Rally Seminar (a 2 page pdf document) to down load.
Please click on the Rally BC logo left for more general information. Please click on the Jaguar go the JCNA Forumm site to create & participate in discussions on rallies.

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