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We are currently trying to secure a location for future slalom events. More info to come.

Need to know how to get to the Boundary Bay Airport? Click here. For a close up view of how to get to the entry point at the airport, click here.

Club Slalom Results 2016 and 2015

View the results for our JCNA Sanctioned August 2016 Slalom held
Sun. August 21st.alertLink here .

View the results for our JCNA Sanctioned June 2016 Slalom held
Sun. June 26nd.alertLink here .

View the results for our JCNA Sanctioned August 2015 Slalom held
Sun. August 16th.alertLink here .

View the results for our JCNA Sanctioned June 2015 Slalom held
Sun. June 28th.alertLink here .

Please visit our Events Calendar Page for up & coming Club Slalom events.

Are you interested in participating? Have a look at the Slalom Guidelines by our Slalom Master John Morsealert here.

Club Slalom History

CXKJR/CCMGC has had annual competitive motorsport events for many years mainly of an autocross/slalom format. Prior to 1991, these events, with participation by both Jaguar and MG owners in the joint marque club, were held at various shopping mall sites using a course layout unique for each site. In 1991, JCNA members Jim Brown [JDRC/NWA-Seattle] and Jerry Parkhill [CXKJR-Vancouver] collaborated in introducing a national slalom program format to the JCNA Board set on a standardized course layout. The course layout was designed to provide an opportunity to experience all aspects of vehicle handling for all Jaguar models on a compact site while keeping vehicle speeds within reasonable and safe limits. The compact site criteria was of considerable importance as available unobstructed sites are few and far between as most car clubs have discovered and the smaller size requirement improves the likelihood of finding one.

Club Events

    The first runs of the national slalom program were held on the west coast in Vancouver and Seattle in 1991. Although only a handful of competitors participated, their enthusiasm was obvious to all. Participation in the national program has grown rapidly and in the years since its inception, the numbers have increased dramatically and countless timed runs have been completed.

    The CXKJR/CCMGC endeavours to have at least two officially sanctioned slalom events each year. The first is usually in June and the second is in mid-August as an integral part of the joint club annual Heritage Classic concours/rally/slalom activities. Novices are encouraged to come out for these events to discover an enjoyable way to get further pleasure out of their classic Jaguar/MG ownership. Instruction tips are offered and “fun runs” with experienced drivers are readily available to help demonstrate technique. Once most novices have had a run or two their enthusiasm is shown by the wide grin and constantly improved times.

    The slalom “course layout and rules ”are contained on the JCNA website“. “Classes” for Jaguars are on the JCNA website as well and MG classes are grouped for our club events as MGA, Midget and MGB. Additional information and results for JCNA Slalom events are posted on the JCNA Slalom page, located here.

    Have a look at the cars in action and a taste of the event as pictured in our Club Gallery.


Sanctioned by the Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs

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